Can a human get feline aids

Feline immunodeficiency virus FIV is a lentivirus that affects cats worldwide. Within FIV, five subtypes have been identified based on nucleotide sequence differences...

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There is always a big concern over the sharing of diseases between the family pets and their humans. That is actually why the big concern arose over Bird Flu. However, although the list of POSSIBLE diseases that a cat can share with its owner referred to as Zoonoses is quite long, the actual number of diseases that can infect a human on a regular basis is small. None of the viruses that cats get — except Rabies which we do not have in Australia - can infect humans, so that lets us off the hook for most of the infections that a cat may get in its lifetime!

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Humans cannot get these diseases from cats, because they are feline-specific illnesses.

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Can a human get feline aids

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What diseases can cats catch from humans? sometimes referred to as feline AIDS, weakens the cat's lymphatic system, and ultimately attacks. There are very...