Coping with a loved one in jail

Dealing with a family member in prison can be a challenge for those left behind, who may feel anger, grief, guilt, betrayal, overwhelmed and...

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T he response to my 10 Ways to Adapt to Prison was extraordinary, and I was particularly moved by the many comments from readers who have a loved one in prison. Your sentiments inspired me to create the following list of ways you can support an imprisoned friend or loved one.

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The arrest of a family member is a very difficult experience to deal with. However, there is help at hand. This page will provide advice on how to cope with the initial shock, and the implications of an arrest.

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Coping with a loved one in jail

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Not only will they essentially need to put their life on hold, but their arrest and sentencing will also cause upheaval in your life, as well. If you and your loved one are responsible for other individuals — such as children or elderly parents — they, too, will feel the negative effects of the entire situation from the get-go.

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The grief and loss experienced by family members and those closest to someone who has been incarcerated...